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I’ve been writing blog posts on for just about a year now. In that time, I’ve published over 50 posts on fitness, nutrition, sleep, cognitive health, financial independence and minimalism. All of this to share the things that have helped me to become healthier and happier. But, what I’ve found is that even though the blog is a great resource for information, it’s also just a stream of conscience. Each week I write about one of the six core topics that’s been at the top of my mind but there isn’t any sort of organization or hierarchy of importance from post-to-post. What this means is that people commonly ask me, “how do I get started with nutrition?”. Or, “What matters most in regards to sleep?”. Or, “Where should I put my extra cash on-hand?”. And, my response is usually that the answer is on my website somewhere. If you go to the blog section, filter on the category of interest and scroll through the posts then you might find what you’re looking for. But that’s a lot of steps to answer a simple question.

To solve this, I’ve created 3-Step Guides on each core topic. These guides will be permanent pages that sit at the top of my website in the navigation bar. Each of these guides are meant to:

  1. Provide my view and definition of each topic (fitness, nutrition, sleep, cognitive health, financial independence, minimalism)
  2. List the benefits of excelling in each of these topics
  3. Rank the importance of each action/process within that topic
  4. Organize additional resources to help you excel

My hope is that these 3-Step Guides will help provide a clear direction for people looking to become healthier and happier. For reference, here are the links to each of these guides:

Check out these 3-Step Guides and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Is there something missing that you’d like to see? Am I accomplishing my goals listed above? Will this help you become healthier and happier? I’m excited for your feedback and to keep developing myHealthSciences’ into a tool for health and happiness.

Note: The 3-Step Guide to Cognitive Health is still in the works and should be published within the next month or so.

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