Your Plan for Healthier is Coming Soon

In a few weeks, I’ll be releasing the exact plans I follow for optimal health and happiness. From total body fitness to complete nutrition planning, I’ll be providing everything you need to transform your habits into a sustainable, proactive lifestyle that prevents chronic disease and fosters rejuvenation. This will be your opportunity to put efficient and effective plans in place to live healthier and happier. Science backed approaches with the support you need to succeed. I can’t wait to help you become healthier and happier.

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Hey, I am Brandon Zerbe

Welcome to myHealthSciences! My goal has always been to increase quality-of-life with healthy habits that are sustainable, efficient, and effective. I do this by covering topics like Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, Cognitive Health, Financial Independence and Minimalism. You can read more about me here.

Disclosure: I frequently review or recommend products and services that I own and use. If you buy these products or services using the links on this site, I receive a small referral commission. This doesn’t impact my review or recommendation.

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