CBD, Impossible Burgers and The Keto Diet

Almost every city street now has a shop that sells CBD. It’s known to help reduce pain, treat depression, alleviate anxiety, wipe away acne, heal the heart, cure brain cancer, and bring people back from the dead. Basically, CBD is rumored to do everything. And it now comes in oils, gummy bears and roll-on topicals. Intrigued?… Read More

Are You Safeguarding Your Attention?

It’s the middle of the evening, about 6:30 PM, and I’m getting ready to make dinner. I have a healthy meal planned with ingredients I purchased at the farmer’s market over the weekend. As I begin to pull out a few ingredients, I hear a notification on my phone. Is it just my mom or dad checking in? Is there a work emergency I need to address? Or is someone performing attention mining on me… Read More

I Call Myself a Minimalist

Just last week, I went to a local conference in Rochester. As I entered the building on the first day, I was greeted with a name tag and goody bag. The goody bag was a durable, reusable handbag filled with tons of free stuff. The kind of bag everyone is a little excited to open. Excited to see what free items they’re now a proud owner of. What was inside that free bag? Well, I asked my friend because I didn’t take one… Read More

September 2019 – Cognitive Health Update

Each month I provide an update on my progress to bettering cognitive health. This includes challenging my brain in scored games, expanding my knowledge through books, reviewing the latest research articles and watching creative, idea-worthy talks. Brain Games Alright, I had my first ever decrease in score for Lumosity… but I can explain! They added a new training game called … Read More

Step 6: Max Out Your 401k

We’ve come to what may be the hardest step of all. But, it can also be the most rewarding. Maxing out your 401k. You’ll want to make sure your personal finances are in order before you start this step. That means making sure you’ve followed my first five steps to financial freedom closely. Now, let’s get on to creating a multi-million dollar retirement fund… Read More

A Day in the Life of a Vegan

Most people are confused by what makes up a vegan diet. They usually ask me, so do you just eat a lot of salads? How are you getting your protein? Aren’t the meals fairly bland? While I don’t call myself a vegan, I do eat a mostly whole foods plant based diet. This means I avoid animal products but every once in a while I do sneak-in a dessert that may have egg in it, or try my girlfriend’s burrito that has a little cheese in it. But, other than that I follow a vegan diet. And my vegan diet is probably much more exciting, fulfilling, and sustainable than your traditional american diet. Here is everything I’ll usually consume in a day… Read More

I Only Drink 3 Things

We’ve been tricked into spending tons of money and time on something that has very few benefits. Drinks. How often is it that you go to a restaurant and there’s a drink menu larger than the food menu? There’s dozens of alcoholic drinks, sodas, lemonades, teas, smoothies, juices, coffees, milk and more. And out of the 30+ options, I get water 90% of the time. I’m always happy with it. It always tastes great. And it’s always free… Read More

The Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re following a strict sleep schedule. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re avoiding all caffeine before bedtime. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re exhausted from a long day of work. Sometimes, all your great routines just can’t get you a good nights sleep if you haven’t built the perfect environment for it. In this post, I’m going to tell you how I’ve built the ultimate sleep sanctuary and what I recommend so you can to… Read More

Step 5: Max Out Your HSA

What most people don’t know, is that a HSA can be an incredibly powerful investment vehicle. If you’ve completed the following steps, and have a HSA account, this post details why and how you should maximize and grow your HSA. Step 1: Building a Proper Emergency Fund. Step 2: Get Your Employer Match (401k). Step 3: Pay Off High Interest Rate Debt Fast. Step 4: Max Out Your Roth IRA… Read More