Step 2: Get Your Employer Match (401k)

If you’ve completed step 1 in your financial journey of building a proper emergency fund, you’re ready for step 2. This step involves finding out if your company has a 401k, 403b (non-profit), or 457 (government) retirement account. If they do offer one of these retirement accounts, the next step is understanding if they have an employer match… Read More

The Two Smoothies I Consume Everyday

I’ve found that smoothies are a quick and easy way to consume a high number of fruits and vegetables in a short period of time. Combine the core ingredients with some seeds and protein powder and you have yourself a complete meal of healthy fats, carbs and protein. Here are the smoothies I’ve tuned over the years to jump-start my … Read More

June 2019 – Physical Health Update

2019 Fitness Goal – 5k Run Another month, another stab at beating my dad’s 5k personal record that he set at my age (17:45). Leading into the race, it felt like a pretty solid month of training runs since my last race in May so I felt prepared. I ran a 5k at Park Point in Rochester near the Rochester … Read More

Your Phone is Depressing

It’s 7:30pm on a workday as I’m writing this post. I’ve already spent 3 hours and 28 minutes on my phone today. 35 minutes on brain games, 22 minutes messaging, 16 minutes on social media, 15 minutes on Clash Royale, the list goes on. And at the end of every day I sit back and think I wish I had more time… Read More

May 2019 – Cognitive Health Update

I didn’t miss many brain workouts this month and my overall scores reflected that. After completing exercises in Lumosity, Elevate and Peak for 25 out of 30 days, all my scores improved. Not only did my scores improve, but I notice a clear improvement in my ability to process information. It’s really interesting because I was able to…… Read More

May 2019 – Financial Health Update

Ever since being $150,000 in debt from student loans, I’ve been on a mission to continually learn more about finance and give myself the opportunity to achieve FIRE. Financially Independent Retiring Early; which translates to, living off of your investments without the need for a full-time job or consistent income, well before the age of 65. I’m 27 now and … Read More

4 Components to a Healthy Brain

We lift weights to get stronger, we go to school to get more educated and we follow a diet to be healthier. We spend a lot of time attempting to improve our lives and who we are, but we never really think about our brain. Is our brain being challenged? Are we thinking in new ways? Is it growing and … Read More