5 Settings to Regain Control of Your iPhone

Every so often, I find myself void of the focus, attention, and motivation that drive me toward long-term goals. I know I want to further my knowledge through reading books and completing educational courses. I know I want to better my health through meal prepping and exercising. And I know I want to work on myHealthSciences full-time. But consistently following through on the actions that lead me to these goals can be difficult. I can lose my focus and the motivation dissipates. It’s in these times where I wonder where all that drive went. Lately, I’ve found a correlation to these lapses in drive. iPhone screen time usage. If I check on my iPhone’s screen time usage over the previous 7 days, it’s usually a great indicator of how much focus, attention, and motivation I have today. The less screen time, the more drive I have. The more screen time, the… Read More

The Perfect Breakfast

The earliest regular breakfast I can remember eating is Reese’s Puffs. Those things were delicious, but I could eat them forever and not get full. And because of that, I was always left hungry and craving more sugar-filled food. As I got more into health and wellness, I started changing up my breakfast. Slowly evolving from a sugar-filled, nutrient-void cereal to a wholesome plant-based meal. Shortly after Reese’s Puffs, I switched to two English muffins with peanut butter for years. But still, my hunger would reappear shortly after breakfast and while the meal was more nutrient dense than Reese’s Puffs, it was still lacking in nutrient variety and whole foods. After that I tried avocado toast and a smoothie each morning. This was better yet but there wasn’t an effortless way to meal prep and travel with it. It’d take about 25 minutes to make each… Read More

Sleeping Habits > Sleeping Pills

In college, when I was living in the dorms, I had a neighbor that I was good friends with who put a lot of effort into school. Often, they’d stay up way later than me to finish projects, complete homework, and study for tests. The next day I’d find out that they went to bed anywhere between midnight and 3am the previous night depending on their workload and energy levels. That was always interesting to me as I never had enough work, or maybe enough drive to complete work at the expense of sleep. But what I found even more interesting was that they were a frequent user of sleeping pills to counteract insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which makes it difficult for someone to fall asleep in a reasonable time frame. How could they have trouble falling asleep after they’d been awake so long already? And how could they have trouble falling asleep when they were… Read More

Progression Not Perfection

The other week I was listening to Tom Brady being interviewed on the “How Leaders Lead” podcast with David Novak. In this podcast, Tom detailed his lifestyle back in his college days. Back then hamburgers and hot dogs were the usual go-to meals for lunch and dinner. Sleep was never really a priority. And his only focus with fitness was based solely on lifting heavy weights without any regard to recovery. This was surprising to hear as Tom Brady is known for how meticulous he is with optimizing his fitness, nutrition, sleep, and overall health. Tom now has his own line of sleepwear for optimal sleep quality, his own food prep service for optimal nutrition, and his own fitness and recovery regimen for optimal physical performance. Tom embodies the pinnacle of athletic health and wellness and to know his college lifestyle was so similar to everyone else’s is… Read More

15- vs 30-Year Mortgage: Here’s Your Answer

Am I buying a house?! No, not yet. Am I looking into buying a house? Still no. But am I considering how I would buy a house if I wanted to buy a house? Absolutely! As I’m on the verge of turning 29 this month, and edging closer to house purchasing age, I’ve been researching and listening to many people talk about mortgages. I’ve heard questions like, “How much house can I afford?” which seems like a dangerous question to begin with. I’ve seen information online saying a 30-year mortgage is the American standard and should be selected by all. And I’ve seen opposing advice from Dave Ramsey, one of the most popular personal finance advisors, who only recommends a 15-year mortgage for everyone. So, after taking in all this information, I decided to dig in myself and see what I could find. Here’s what I found out. With a 15-year mortgage, you make monthly payments… Read More

Screen Time vs Green Time

I’ve been golfing a lot more this summer! Tee shots into the woods, fairway shots into the water, chips into the sand, and putts. Lots of putts. The normal golfing experience. But golfing has reminded me that there’s another key component to mental and physical health that I’ve forgotten to cover. While I’ve talked about how decreased screen time (digital minimalism) can dramatically improve mental health, I’ve forgotten about the other side of the equation. Just like you can lose weight by cutting out processed and junk food, you can lose even more weight by adding in servings of fruits and vegetables. So, as we’ve seen mental health improve by lowering the amount of time we spend on a screen, we can see our mental health improve even more by adding in time spent in nature. It’s a two-pronged approach that can really make a significant… Read More

Your Plan for Healthier is Now Available!

After a year of writing articles explaining all the science-backed methods of increasing your quality-of-life, it was made clear to me that more than just education/information was needed. That’s why six months ago, I started putting together the exact plans I use and recommend to live your healthiest life. From a workout series designed to take your fitness and body to the next level, to meal plans built on disease prevention, weight loss and muscle growth. myHealthSciences+ is a membership program that provides you with an all-access solution to the exact plans and programs you need to live your healthiest and happiest life. My goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary to live healthier and happier. I’m confident that if you utilize and follow the content I’ve provided, you’ll be more than happy with your results. If you’re interested in learning more… Read More

Added Sugar Should Be Considered a Drug

Since nearly eliminating my consumption of added sugar 18 months ago, there’s been one significant effect I never expected. I’ve become one of my dental hygienist’s favorite clients. The past three times I’ve been to the dentist for a cleaning, my hygienist has said to me “your teeth already look beautiful” and “there’s barely any cleaning I need to do” and “looks like you’ve done a great job brushing and flossing.” But I’ve always brushed and flossed consistently for as long as I can remember, and I never received these compliments before. Even with my consistent dental hygiene and lack of any tooth decay problems, I’ve never had compliments like these. But since my reduction of added sugar, they’ve been plentiful. Now, it’s common knowledge that added sugar consumption can help lead to dental issues but until I actually took the step of cutting… Read More

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Oil

Ever since the pandemic started back in March, I’ve doubled down on my fitness and nutrition efforts. And since then, I’ve lost around 10lbs of weight, primarily fat, bringing my total down to 160lbs. I can’t remember being 160lbs since high school or college. I’ve always been lean but losing this extra 10lbs surprised me. I didn’t expect it to happen since I had no intentions of dropping weight. But it happened and one of the main things I’m contributing it to is the complete removal of added oils from my diet. But aren’t oils like olive oil and coconut oil healthy for you? Isn’t fat or oil needed for a healthy diet? And how do you eat food like sauteed vegetables or salad dressings without oil? I took a deep dive into the current state of added oil consumption in the United States and researched all the facts and myths surrounding it. Here’s what I found… Read More

Introducing myHealthSciences+

I’d like to introduce you to myHealthSciences+. This is an all-access solution to the exact plans and programs you need to live your healthiest and happiest life. myHealthSciences+ provides you with access to: 50+ Whole Foods Plant-Based recipes that are vegan and gluten-free.An entire online fitness program that you can stream and follow along with. Access to our community forum and Ask-Me-Anything expert forum. 20% discount on all items in the myHealthSciences shop. Access to all future content. New recipes, workouts, sleep tools, etc. My goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary to live healthier and happier. I’m confident that if you utilize and follow the content I’ve provided, you’ll be more than happy with your results. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out all the benefits of myHealthSciences+ here. It’s official… Read More

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