Thriving Through A Pandemic and Recession

For the first time in a while, times are getting tough. Real tough. A global pandemic is taking over. With more than 300,000 confirmed cases and 13,000 deaths, the rapid spread of the coronavirus is endangering the health and lives of many people. On top of that, it’s halted most trade, travel and business which has led many more people to lose their jobs or diminish their pay. There’s no doubt, this whole situation is causing pain for many individuals around the world. It’s a terrible situation. But, if you follow myHealthSciences’ guidelines, you can not only survive and thrive through this pandemic and recession but be better prepared for future emergencies just like this one. In this post, I’m going to detail how you can make the best out of this situation and come out better for it… Read More

Is Your Brainware Out-of-Date?

My life, like many others, looks a little like this in technological terms. I was designed 28 years ago. The first few years, I was in a constant phase of rapid development and learning where everything was new. After my software became more stable and functional, I was sent off to elementary school for more structured learning. After a few years, I officially got an upgrade by completing elementary school. Subsequently, I got a few more upgrades after middle school, high school, undergraduate school and graduate school. Me as a person and as a software system were quite up-to-date. At least I had thought. Even though I had been completing major upgrades throughout schooling, I started to realize that not all of my various underlying components had been updated in a while. As I grew, my areas of interest and knowledge slowly tapered. I learned about nutrition for a year in health class years ago but was never taught anything since then. My parents educated me about money while growing up but once college started I didn’t see them as much. This meant that my source for financial learning had essentially dried up… Read More

Why Care About Money?

I live in one of the richest countries in the world. The United States economy has made it possible for almost anyone to earn millions of dollars over their lifetime. Although difficult, it’s possible to save a million dollars even while living on minimum wage. Despite this fact, 78% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. This means if they didn’t receive their next paycheck, they’d have to leverage debt to fund their lifestyle. Let me say this again. Nearly everyone in the United States earns millions of dollars over their lifetime but about 78% of those same people can barely afford to live for a week. How is this possible and why does money even matter? I’ll get to these questions in a bit… Read More

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