I help people transform to a proactive lifestyle that prevents chronic disease and fosters revitalization.

Prevent Chronic Disease

Drastically reducing your risk for Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Foster Revitalization

Fostering muscle growth, fat loss, aches/pain elimination, immune efficiency, cognition, and mental health.

Your Plan for Happier

Utilizing science backed methods that are sustainable, effective, and efficient. Healthy plans that translate to a happy life.

Hey, I’m Brandon Zerbe

Welcome to myHealthSciences! My goal has always been to help people increase their quality-of-life with healthy habits that are sustainable, efficient, and effective. I do this by covering topics like Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, Cognition, Finance, and Minimalism. You can read more about me here.




What I Learned in the Emergency Room. Part 2.

Last week I discussed my recent trips to the emergency room due to extreme pain in my left abdomen. One minute I was excitedly starting the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit and the next minute I was keeled over in pain on my way to the emergency room. Once there, I saw multiple nurses, a nurse practitioner, a doctor, and a specialist to help diagnose the issue. I also had blood tests, urine tests, and x-rays that all came back negative. The only thing they saw was some fecal build-up in my colon. Nothing extreme, not a blockage but some build-up that could trap gas and be extremely painful. Like I mentioned last time, I became quite skeptical of this diagnosis because I exercise regularly, eat tons of fiber, don’t take medications and wasn’t dealing with a lot of stress. Despite raising my concerns to the staff, they couldn’t find anything. That was until they… Read More

What I Learned in the Emergency Room. Part 1.

A few weeks ago, on a Friday night, I started watching The Queen’s Gambit. A great Netflix show about a world chess champion. But shortly into the first episode, I noticed some pain in my left abdomen. It crept up quickly and after about 15 minutes, it was so painful that I could barely walk. I made my way down my apartment building’s stairs and out to my car. I had just enough energy and mobility to drive myself to the emergency room. Unfortunately, when I got there, there were many other patients with even more dire conditions than mine waiting to be seen which makes sense because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But after checking in and being curled up in pain inside the waiting room, I was finally seen by a doctor after about 2-3 hours just as the pain subsided. Despite the pain now being gone, my emergency room doctor still sent me for x-rays, blood tests, and… Read More

Are You Exercising Asymmetrically?

In my second year of college baseball, I suffered what ended up being a career ending injury. During an outdoor fall practice, I was making lengthy throws from the outfield to home plate. They were long throws that put a lot of stress on my arm. On top of that, it was about 40 degrees outside, and my body wasn’t fully loose. Then all of the sudden when making one of the throws, I felt a ligament in my elbow tear. One MRI later and it was confirmed I had torn the ulnar collateral ligament in my throwing elbow. It wasn’t painful and I knew it was mostly fixable through surgery and a year of rehabilitation, but it was surely disappointing and there was a long road ahead. I ended up getting the surgery shortly after where they took a ligament from my leg to replace the torn ligament in my elbow. Pretty weird, but also pretty cool. 😎 And then the long road to… Read More