How to Beat 3% Raises and Inflation

If you’ve followed any news in the personal finance space this year, you’ve heard one word mentioned more than any other. Inflation. In April, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which measures inflation rose 4.2%. The fastest since 2008[1]. In May, it rose even higher, eclipsing 5% [2]. And June, 5.4%. Excluding food and energy, it’s the most inflation we’ve seen since September 1991 [3]. And it hasn’t slowed down either as it maintained a 5.4% rate in July, and August wasn’t much different [4]. Many sources are now indicating that high inflation is likely to persist for a while [5]. What this means is that everything is pricier and will cost more money. So, how can we afford the price increases? Is there a way to beat inflation? And if you’re only getting the standard 3% yearly raise, are you technically not getting any raise once accounting for… Read More

Optimal Time Restricted Eating Window

Remember when I detailed one of the simplest, cheapest, easiest to implement strategies for body composition improvement and longevity? Over a year and a half ago I asked you, Are You Restricting Your Eating Window? Since then, lots of new studies have come out that I’m excited to share. Not only about fat loss, metabolic health, and inflammation but also regarding the optimal protocol that should be used. How long or short should your fasting window be? And does it matter what part of the day your fasting vs feeding window is in? What about the caloric distribution within that range? What is the optimal guideline and how has my meal timing changed over the past year and a half? Well, let’s get into it! Your eating window can be calculated by the determining the hours between your first caloric intake of the day and your last caloric intake of the… Read More

I Don’t Use Blue Light Blockers for Sleep

A few months ago, my brother asked me about wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening to help with sleep. And what I’ve realized is that unless I’ve taken the time to research and post about a topic on the myHealthSciences website, I’m not always sure of the answer. Sure, I’ve heard all the advertised benefits of blue blockers for sleep, eye fatigue, and macular health but what does the research show? Should you wear blue light blockers every night before bed to improve sleep quality? And even if you should, what’s my gold standard alternative that’s kept me from making the purchase? Let’s get into it! Previously, I’ve talked about morning light exposure in a post called A Morning Routine Must. In that post, I explained how exposure to early morning outdoor light helps set your circadian rhythm, halt melatonin production for the day which… Read More

Optimal Biomarkers for Health

Not only am I interested in extending my lifespan, or living more years of life, but I’m especially interested in increasing and extending my healthspan, or how well I live those years. Obviously, I want to be free of disease but also free of disability, and cognitive decline, and physical decline as much as possible. All while maintaining a healthy mental state of peace and happiness. And to ensure I’m enroute to delivering on these goals, it can be useful to benchmark my progress. Despite thinking I’m living an extremely healthy lifestyle with my whole foods plant-based diet, religious sleep schedule, and consistent fitness program, how healthy am I? What biomarkers, like blood pressure or blood sugar are most important? And even if you happen to know the correct biomarkers for health, what are the optimal values? I thought 120/80 blood pressure was… Read More

How Algorithms Slowly Extort Our Life

I’ve found a way to quit sugar, to climb out of extreme debt, and to break away from addictive video games. And I’ve avoided exposure to most addictive substances like caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol throughout my life. I’ve taken many steps and strides to improve my health and happiness but there’s one addictive habit I just can’t break. One habit that despite being well versed in its mechanisms, and actively putting protocols in place for prevention, that slowly creeps its way back into my life. One habit that I can’t do in moderation with any real effectiveness. And one habit that depletes my motivation and productivity in ways I can only imagine being possible with a drug. And that’s the algorithms driving social media apps. How do these algorithms work? Why do we love them so much? How do they slowly extort our health, happiness… Read More

The Perfect Dinner

Around 9 months ago, I detailed The Perfect Breakfast which consisted of a Blueberry, Steel-cut Oatmeal accompanied by a Dark Cherry, Banana smoothie. I still eat that same oatmeal every day with a smoothie that I mix up depending on what fruits are in season and I love it. I followed that post up with The Perfect Lunch a few months after that where I outlined the wombo combo of a salad, soup, and side of fruit. Specifically, I detailed recipes for a Mango Greens Salad, Mushroom Leek Soup, and an apple for a terrific mid-day meal. While I vary my salads, soups, and fruits every month or so, I still find myself returning to those same recipes. And today, I’m going to detail the final meal of the day dinner. Since we’ve eaten so many healthy foods at breakfast and lunch already, this is going to provide us with a ton of flexibility and options for… Read More

What The Heck Effect… Why You Binge

What the heck is going on? So, tell me if you’ve had this experience before. It’s a Friday night and you’re sitting down to watch the next episode of Black Mirror. I know, I’m a little late to hop on this bandwagon but at least I made it. And you grab a handful of dark chocolate chips to snack on during the episode because they’re not the unhealthiest snack. And part way through the episode you realize your chocolate chips are gone and are still a little hungry. You could wait until next morning’s breakfast, but you’ve had a stressful week and deserve another serving. So, you grab another handful to snack on for the remainder of the episode. As the episode concludes, you realize the handful of chocolate chips turned into a bag of chocolate chips and the regret sets in. You feel ashamed by your indulgence and almost hopeless about losing… Read More

Optimal Protein Intake for Health and Performance

Talkin’ bouttttt… protein. Protein! So, back in the 1980’s the government and processed food industry vilified fat intake in the standard American diet. Fat consumption should be drastically reduced to improve our overall health they said. And, so we responded by eating more carbohydrates and added sugar becoming fatter, unhealthier, and mode addicted than we were before. Since then, in the early 2000’s, the government and processed food industry has responded by vilifying carbohydrates and sugar intake in the standard American diet. Carbs and sugar consumption should be drastically reduced to improve our overall health they said. And, so we responded by focusing on protein and thus becoming fatter, unhealthier, and more addicted than we were ever before. But the vilification of protein hasn’t happened as profoundly yet… Read More

The 4% Rule. Debunked. Rebunked. And Then Bunked?

So, I’ve been pondering my financial future and attempting to determine how much I need to save to become financially independent. Financial independence meaning, I can live entirely off my investment without needing a job to sustain my lifestyle costs. Or how much money I need until I can live in my bedroom fulltime creating YouTube videos without any subscriber growth and still afford my organic plant-based dinners. This is more commonly known as retirement or my typical weekends. Traditionally, the 4% rule has been the basis for many retirement calculations but in 2021 with interest rates near zero, inflation spiking, and bonds producing little-to-no return, is this rule now too risky? What is the 4% rule and how much money do I need to retire? And what organic plant-based meal did I have for dinner last night that my 4% rule needs to account for… Read More

In Bed. Can’t Sleep. Now What?

It’s 10:30pm. I’ve crawled into bed exactly when I wanted to. The lights in my house have been dimming over the past 2 hours simulating an apartment wide sunset. My thermostat is cooling my bedroom down to a chill 65 degrees and it’s as quiet and calm as it could be. I abstain from caffeine and alcohol, I haven’t eaten in hours, and I’ve put myself in the ideal position for a great night’s sleep. Here I am, primed and ready for the most restorative sleep of my life and my brain is somehow still on. It’s thinking about work, it’s thinking about golf, it’s thinking about improving my already ideal sleep routine. It’s thinking about the stock market and my next vacation. It’s 10:45pm and I’m still not asleep. I’m less sleepy now than I was 15 minutes ago. I’m starting to worry why I’m not falling asleep. I’m counting so many sheep it feels like… Read More

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