About Me

I help people build habits for health excellence.

My Focus

  • Maximize lifespan to achieve centenarian status.
  • Maintain healthspan to live all those years without disease or disability.
  • Optimize physical, mental, and cognitive performance throughout.
  • Achieve these goals while laughing and loving life.

The Process

  • Complete in-depth assessments to gauge accurate health status.
  • Build sustainable healthy habits to address identified health gaps.
  • Aim for optimal results. Avoid average or normal health standards.
  • Base habits on the body of scientific evidence. Not anecdotes.

How I Got Started

I graduated from high school with a daily lunch of Kool-Aid, chips, and peanut butter on Wonder bread. I started my second year of college by suffering an athletic career-ending injury. And I finished graduate school with $150,000 of student debt. At 24, I was crippled by unhealthy habits.

It was then I decided to begin my quest to healthier and happier. Week by week, I established habits for health excellence. I implemented a whole foods plant-based diet, fully recovered from injury, and became debt-free. I had turned my life around. Now I’m sharing those habits with you along with the six pillars that got me here: Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, Cognition, Finance, and Minimalism.

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