I graduated from high school with a daily lunch that consisted of Kool-Aid, chips, cookies and a sugar loaded peanut butter sandwich on Wonder bread. I started my second year of college by suffering an athletic career-ending injury. And, I finished my graduate school degree with a total of $150,000 in student debt. It was obvious, at 24, I had put myself in a hole early and my bad habits were only making it worse. It was then I decided to begin my quest to creating long-term healthy habits based on endless amounts of online research.

Through the vast amount of studies and articles I’ve read, coupled with experience from testing and tweaking many of the lessons I learned, I felt it would be great to document and share these experiences. My goal has always been to increase my quality-of-life with habits that are sustainable, efficient and effective. What I’ve found to be the main pillars in pursing this goal are as follows.


Covering the latest fitness research in order to help achieve long-term personal goals in physique, performance and health.


Outlining organic, whole food, plant-based diets to not only prevent but reverse diseases, slow aging and increase quality-of-life.


Describing processes to facilitate a proper sleeping schedule and routine to recover properly, wake up refreshed and increase alertness.


Presenting methods to increase brain health for mental performance, problem solving and creativity.


Detailing strategies to financial independence through increasing income, decreasing spending and optimizing investments.


Sharing the benefits and ideas behind minimalism including increasing purpose, decreasing stress and establishing freedom.

I look forward to creating and sharing high-quality, trusted content with you!