What The Heck Effect… Why You Binge

What the heck is going on? So, tell me if you’ve had this experience before. It’s a Friday night and you’re sitting down to watch the next episode of Black Mirror. I know, I’m a little late to hop on this bandwagon but at least I made it. And you grab a handful of dark chocolate chips to snack on during the episode because they’re not the unhealthiest snack. And part way through the episode you realize your chocolate chips are gone and are still a little hungry. You could wait until next morning’s breakfast, but you’ve had a stressful week and deserve another serving. So, you grab another handful to snack on for the remainder of the episode. As the episode concludes, you realize the handful of chocolate chips turned into a bag of chocolate chips and the regret sets in. You feel ashamed by your indulgence and almost hopeless about losing… Read More

Prevent, Slow, and Reverse Alzheimer’s

“We turn now to a potentially major medical breakthrough, the FDA approving the first new treatment for Alzheimer’s in almost 20 years,” ABC News. This drug approval which is supposed to slow cognitive decline in initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease has grabbed headlines from every major news outlet over the past week. At $56,000 per year, you get monthly injections that have only been shown to have statistically significant effects in a small subset of the Alzheimer’s patients. The benefits for that subset of people show that it decreases your cognitive decline by about four months over an 18-month period while causing 40% of patients to have brain swelling and many others to have brain bleeding. In many cases you’ll have to undergo regular, expensive MRI’s just to make sure your brain doesn’t sustain serious side effects with many physicians… Read More

The Story In My Head

At times, I forget how much I enjoy nothing. And by nothing, I don’t mean putting on a mindless tv show or watching my favorite YouTuber. I don’t mean using technology as an escape or activities as a distraction. I mean the exact opposite. I mean going for a walk without headphones in. Or driving in the car without the radio on. Or sitting on a bench at a park in silence. Or standing in my living room, leaning against the wall, looking out the window. I mean excluding myself from all external stimuli to pay attention to the thoughts running through my head. To spend time examining the feelings I’m having and stories I’m telling myself. To enjoy the slow rush of peacefulness that floods over my mind. It’s weird to explain, but in these moments there’s this calmness I experience that I can only describe as serenity. It’s an untroubled, unstressed… Read More

Progression Not Perfection

The other week I was listening to Tom Brady being interviewed on the “How Leaders Lead” podcast with David Novak. In this podcast, Tom detailed his lifestyle back in his college days. Back then hamburgers and hot dogs were the usual go-to meals for lunch and dinner. Sleep was never really a priority. And his only focus with fitness was based solely on lifting heavy weights without any regard to recovery. This was surprising to hear as Tom Brady is known for how meticulous he is with optimizing his fitness, nutrition, sleep, and overall health. Tom now has his own line of sleepwear for optimal sleep quality, his own food prep service for optimal nutrition, and his own fitness and recovery regimen for optimal physical performance. Tom embodies the pinnacle of athletic health and wellness and to know his college lifestyle was so similar to everyone else’s is… Read More

Screen Time vs Green Time

I’ve been golfing a lot more this summer! Tee shots into the woods, fairway shots into the water, chips into the sand, and putts. Lots of putts. The normal golfing experience. But golfing has reminded me that there’s another key component to mental and physical health that I’ve forgotten to cover. While I’ve talked about how decreased screen time (digital minimalism) can dramatically improve mental health, I’ve forgotten about the other side of the equation. Just like you can lose weight by cutting out processed and junk food, you can lose even more weight by adding in servings of fruits and vegetables. So, as we’ve seen mental health improve by lowering the amount of time we spend on a screen, we can see our mental health improve even more by adding in time spent in nature. It’s a two-pronged approach that can really make a significant… Read More

3 Free Games to Play on Zoom

My 3-Step Guide to Cognitive Health was recently posted on my website. This guide details the 3 most important actions you can take to develop and maintain a fit, sharp and accurate brain. Two of the steps within that guide include staying in contact with your social network and challenging your brain with difficult tasks. With a quarantine in effect because of the current pandemic, my family and I have scheduled weekly family game nights to both stay connected and challenge our brains. It’s been a blast having my mom, dad, two sisters, brother and girlfriend all competing against each other online at once. So fun, I thought I’d share the three games we’ve recently played to stay cognitively fit. I don’t know the official name of this game, but we called it Lies. First, we split up into three teams of two to start. Two teams would play against each other… Read More

Loneliness is Hurting My Cognitive Health

If I were forced to list the most prominent challenge I’ve faced throughout my life, it’s most likely loneliness. The feeling that I don’t have any close friends who share common interests, goals or mindsets with me. Now I understand everyone is incredibly unique and I’ve forced the problem onto myself but my combination of less popular preferences and prioritizes have made it difficult. Preferring exercise over video games, documentaries over movies and healthy restaurants over bars isn’t popular. Prioritizing my workout sessions over happy hours, education over friends and work over social gatherings hasn’t left me many opportunities for developing a strong social network. I have done this to myself but what I’ve realized while combing through tons of research on brain health is that social health, very well could be the strongest influence… Read More

Is Your Brainware Running Slow?

A few weeks ago, I proposed a question: Is Your Brainware Out-of-Date? This post talked about the importance of learning. Not only keeping your realm of knowledge up-to-date, but dedicating time to learn completely new skills. But, even if your brainware is up-to-date, it’s still completely possible for it to be running slow. You might notice that as some very knowledgeable people age, it can still become harder for them to process new information or communicate already known information. This decline of cognition tends to happen as we age but it doesn’t necessarily have to. By challenging our brain and forcing it to process information faster than it needs to, it’s entirely possible to strengthen and quicken our cognitive abilities just as push-ups strengthen our muscles. In this post… Read More

Is Your Brainware Out-of-Date?

My life, like many others, looks a little like this in technological terms. I was designed 28 years ago. The first few years, I was in a constant phase of rapid development and learning where everything was new. After my software became more stable and functional, I was sent off to elementary school for more structured learning. After a few years, I officially got an upgrade by completing elementary school. Subsequently, I got a few more upgrades after middle school, high school, undergraduate school and graduate school. Me as a person and as a software system were quite up-to-date. At least I had thought. Even though I had been completing major upgrades throughout schooling, I started to realize that not all of my various underlying components had been updated in a while. As I grew, my areas of interest and knowledge slowly tapered. I learned about nutrition for a year in health class years ago but was never taught anything since then. My parents educated me about money while growing up but once college started I didn’t see them as much. This meant that my source for financial learning had essentially dried up… Read More

Did I Get Tricked Into Becoming a Yogi?

Before January of this year, I had never tried yoga. I knew it wasn’t going to help me develop the strength I desired or the endurance I wanted. I knew it was predominately performed by females and never performed by any of my close friends. And, I knew it was performed mostly in silence, without shoes or socks. Which seemed kinda weird. So, I just assumed there wasn’t a whole lot of benefits that I could reap from it and that it didn’t fit my health and fitness goals. Therefore, I kind of discarded the idea of yoga from my head. That was until the sixth date I had with my girlfriend earlier this year… Read More

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