Is Your Brainware Running Slow?

A few weeks ago, I proposed a question: Is Your Brainware Out-of-Date? This post talked about the importance of learning. Not only keeping your realm of knowledge up-to-date, but dedicating time to learn completely new skills. But, even if your brainware is up-to-date, it’s still completely possible for it to be running slow. You might notice that as some very knowledgeable people age, it can still become harder for them to process new information or communicate already known information. This decline of cognition tends to happen as we age but it doesn’t necessarily have to. By challenging our brain and forcing it to process information faster than it needs to, it’s entirely possible to strengthen and quicken our cognitive abilities just as push-ups strengthen our muscles. In this post… Read More

Is Your Brainware Out-of-Date?

My life, like many others, looks a little like this in technological terms. I was designed 28 years ago. The first few years, I was in a constant phase of rapid development and learning where everything was new. After my software became more stable and functional, I was sent off to elementary school for more structured learning. After a few years, I officially got an upgrade by completing elementary school. Subsequently, I got a few more upgrades after middle school, high school, undergraduate school and graduate school. Me as a person and as a software system were quite up-to-date. At least I had thought. Even though I had been completing major upgrades throughout schooling, I started to realize that not all of my various underlying components had been updated in a while. As I grew, my areas of interest and knowledge slowly tapered. I learned about nutrition for a year in health class years ago but was never taught anything since then. My parents educated me about money while growing up but once college started I didn’t see them as much. This meant that my source for financial learning had essentially dried up… Read More

Did I Get Tricked Into Becoming a Yogi?

Before January of this year, I had never tried yoga. I knew it wasn’t going to help me develop the strength I desired or the endurance I wanted. I knew it was predominately performed by females and never performed by any of my close friends. And, I knew it was performed mostly in silence, without shoes or socks. Which seemed kinda weird. So, I just assumed there wasn’t a whole lot of benefits that I could reap from it and that it didn’t fit my health and fitness goals. Therefore, I kind of discarded the idea of yoga from my head. That was until the sixth date I had with my girlfriend earlier this year… Read More

November 2019 – Health Update

Each month I provide an update on my progress to bettering health and happiness. This may include a variety of activities like challenging my brain in scored games, expanding my knowledge through books, trying a new recipe, starting a new workout program, reviewing the latest research articles and watching creative, idea-worthy talks… Read More

myHealthSciences Gift Ideas for 2019

With the holidays around the corner, I thought I’d come up with a list of my favorite gift ideas that’ll help make you happier and healthier. Each idea is intended to help optimize your fitness, nutrition, sleep, cognitive health, or financial independence. I also focused on products or services that’ll have lasting benefits and aren’t the typical use once, and throw in the closet gifts. I hope you find benefit in these ideas and I’m excited to know which one’s are your favorite! Let’s get to it… Read More

Can You Turn It Down Please?

I’m that guy that wears hearing protection when he runs his blender. The guy who use to put in ear plugs when using an electric shaver. The guy who rarely uses headphones. The guy who wants to soundproof his bedroom. The guy that gets upset when loud cars go down the road and interrupt conversations. And the guy who stays away from the speakers at parties and speaking events. I’m a little weird. But, I’m protecting myself against a growing, “silent” killer. Noise pollution… Read More

Consistency Breeds Success

I just watched my brother play his most difficult and last varsity soccer game of his sophomore year. It was against the number one ranked team in the state. And, what I saw from my brother was the best game of his career. From the first minute to the last, he was the most electric player on the field. He … Read More

September 2019 – Cognitive Health Update

Each month I provide an update on my progress to bettering cognitive health. This includes challenging my brain in scored games, expanding my knowledge through books, reviewing the latest research articles and watching creative, idea-worthy talks. Brain Games Alright, I had my first ever decrease in score for Lumosity… but I can explain! They added a new training game called … Read More

Vacationing Done Right

Have you ever gotten back from vacation and felt exhausted? Like you need a vacation from your vacation. Have you ever gotten back from vacation and been in shock by your trip’s costs? Like you didn’t realize eating out for every meal and paying for every amenity wouldn’t add up. Have you ever gotten back from vacation and lost track of all your goals? Like your vacation ended your diet and workout plan that you were doing so well at.

Well, vacations don’t have to be like that. I just got back from my first vacation this year, and with some thoughtful planning and great support, I can say I vacationed right. I feel refreshed and excited to get back to work. I spent what I had budgeted so I have no stress and am ready to start saving for the next. I maintained my nutrition and fitness goals. And, I’m super happy with the experience.

In this post, I’ll detail the things I did that made my vacation successful.… Read More

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