I Only Drink 3 Things

We’ve been tricked into spending tons of money and time on something that has very few benefits. Drinks. How often is it that you go to a restaurant and there’s a drink menu larger than the food menu? There’s dozens of alcoholic drinks, sodas, lemonades, teas, smoothies, juices, coffees, milk and more. And out of the 30+ options, I get water 90% of the time. I’m always happy with it. It always tastes great. And it’s always free… Read More

Vacationing Done Right

Have you ever gotten back from vacation and felt exhausted? Like you need a vacation from your vacation. Have you ever gotten back from vacation and been in shock by your trip’s costs? Like you didn’t realize eating out for every meal and paying for every amenity wouldn’t add up. Have you ever gotten back from vacation and lost track of all your goals? Like your vacation ended your diet and workout plan that you were doing so well at.

Well, vacations don’t have to be like that. I just got back from my first vacation this year, and with some thoughtful planning and great support, I can say I vacationed right. I feel refreshed and excited to get back to work. I spent what I had budgeted so I have no stress and am ready to start saving for the next. I maintained my nutrition and fitness goals. And, I’m super happy with the experience.

In this post, I’ll detail the things I did that made my vacation successful.… Read More

I Don’t Trust the Food Pyramid or MyPlate

It’s not possible to consume enough protein without meat and dairy.
If you don’t drink milk, you’ll have weak bones from calcium deficiency.
Too many carbohydrates from bread, pasta and rice will cause weight gain.
You should avoid fats to stay lean and fit.
Eating plant-based will leave you hungry all the time.

These are some of the popular myths that many people believe. Myths that are kept alive partially due to the USDA’s inability to publish nutrition recommendations based on the latest research studies. In this article, I’m going to explain the USDA’s food recommendations and why you shouldn’t follow them to a T… Read More

The Two Smoothies I Consume Everyday

I’ve found that smoothies are a quick and easy way to consume a high number of fruits and vegetables in a short period of time. Combine the core ingredients with some seeds and protein powder and you have yourself a complete meal of healthy fats, carbs and protein. Here are the smoothies I’ve tuned over the years to jump-start my … Read More

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