Step 4: Max Out Your Roth IRA

If you’re on step 4, you’re doing pretty well. You’ve built a proper emergency fund, are receiving an employer match, and have paid off all your high interest rate debt. Now, you’re ready to start investing in your future. It’s time to open a Roth IRA and max it out. This will provide you with additional emergency funds if you need it, but more importantly, a retirement that’ll make you feel more than comfortable… Read More

Step 3: Pay Off All Debt (Except the House)

You’ve already built a proper emergency fund and are taking advantage of your employer’s match if they offer one. Now what? Well, if you want to make any further progress with your financial life then you’ll need to rid yourself of any high interest rate debt. There’s no point in investing any further money to make a 7% return when your credit cards are costing you 16% or your student loans are at 9%… Read More

Step 2: Get Your Employer Match (401k)

If you’ve completed step 1 in your financial journey of building a proper emergency fund, you’re ready for step 2. This step involves finding out if your company has a 401k, 403b (non-profit), or 457 (government) retirement account. If they do offer one of these retirement accounts, the next step is understanding if they have an employer match… Read More

May 2019 – Financial Health Update

Ever since being $150,000 in debt from student loans, I’ve been on a mission to continually learn more about finance and give myself the opportunity to achieve FIRE. Financially Independent Retiring Early; which translates to, living off of your investments without the need for a full-time job or consistent income, well before the age of 65. I’m 27 now and … Read More

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